eID and Trust Service Providers Monitoring

Real-time overview of eID and Trust Service Providers your e-Service relies on.

Designed for e-service providers.

ISIGN e-Monitoring is ideal for e-service providers who rely on eID and Trust Service Providers for e-service provision. It helps to keep your customer support staff well-informed about critical service disruptions and provides the ability to notify your customers automatically.

Real-time information

Interactive visuals and metrics provide you with detailed graphs and reports about the availability of the monitored services.

Email notifications

Email notifications about service disruptions can be sent to your entire customer service team.

API based notifications

ISIGN e-Monitoring can notify the systems you use about service disruptions via web hooks, thus empowering you to notify your e-service customers about infrastructure disruptions.

Supported Providers.

ISIGN tracks Quality of Service, OCSP and CRL availability.

eID providers

Mobile ID provided by Telia, Elisa, Tele2, Bite, Audkenni and Smart-ID provided by SK ID Solutions are supported. More are coming soon.

Trust Service Providers

We monitor the Trust Service Providers listed in the EU Trusted Service List.
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