Change the Way You Work

Increase your efficiency with our Premium features.

For Companies and Teams.

Drive the digital transformation of your organisation with ISIGN’s administrative tools.

Company data governance

Easily manage employee accounts and document access rights using centralised controls to make sure sensitive documents stay in the right hands.

Centralised billing

Reduce time spent on paying separate invoices. You can give each employee their own ISIGN account, and pay for everything with a single invoice.

Access Management.

Securely share documents with people inside and outside your organisation.

Easy sharing

Share any document securely with just a click.

User roles

You can apply different roles to everyone involved - either the user has to sign the documents or they can only view them.

Audit trail

Track every event in a document’s lifecycle and the actions performed by the users through a detailed list of events.

Document Categories and Smart Filtering.

Easily add documents to their categories and manage category access rights.

Organise with ease

Create categories and assign documents for a more convenient and orderly experience.

Share documents based on category

Easily share documents with your team based on category access rights.

Specify signees for all documents in a category

Easily specify who must sign or approve documents in a certain category.

Batch Actions.

Save time by performing repetitive tasks faster. Process documents with a quicker preview system and only one PIN entry.

Select multiple documents and sign, delete or download them with just one click from a single location.

ISIGN Premium Monthly Plans.

Choose a plan that is right for your company. Each plan offers you a Company account in which you share the plan’s signatures and storage among the employees.

Plan S

19 per

Each additional user costs
€8 per month

30 signatures per month
2GB of document storage

Plan M

49 per

Each additional user costs
€8 per month

100 signatures per month
10GB of document storage

Plan L

139 per

Each additional user costs
€8 per month

300 signatures per month
30GB of document storage

Plan XL

269 per

Each additional user costs
€8 per month

600 signatures per month
60GB of document storage


If you represent a larger organisation or a government institution, please

contact us.